Tom Atkinson is a 28-year-old client who was diagnosed with ventricular dysrhythmias two years ago when he collapsed during a soccer game. He has had several additional episodes of ventricular dysrhythmias over the past two years, all precipitated by exercise. He never had an occurrence since beginning his current medication, oral propranolol. Tom presents to the medical clinic with complaints of frequent dizziness.Describe the possible relationship between propranolol and Tom’s reports of dizziness. When the nurse discusses this issue with Tom, what to include in the discussion?What additional teachings have to give to Tom related to his medical therapyTom develops PSVT ( Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia) accompanied by dizziness and hypotension. He is hospitalized and receives orders for IV diltiazem. For what potential adverse effects the nurse has to monitor Tom while he is receiving the IV diltiazem?Tom’s physician recommends a radiofrequency ablation for control of his dysrhythmias. Tom tells the nurse that he is hesitant to undergo the procedure and asks why he cannot just continue to use medications. How should the nurse respond? Plagiarism Free Papers
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