Think back to a time when you were interviewed for a job. Which items on the list did you focus on beforehand, and which items did you not? What behaviors did the interviewer exhibit that you liked? If you were the person conducting the interview, what would you have done differently?NEED TO ANSWER THE ABOVE QUESTIONS. TABLE 27.3 GIVES AN EXAMPLE OF INTERVIEW.TABLE 27.3 Interview GoalsPreparation Review the organization’s mission, vision, and values statements before the interview (via the website or hard copy). Obtain statistics and facts.Have 3-5 questions rehearsed and ready to ask about the company or position.Recheck your résumé and curriculum vitae for emphasis and new information.Print additional copies to bring to the interview.Practice using “action” words as you describe your experience.Have a story ready that illustrates your brand.Plan your transportation, clothing, and accessories, including portfolio and pen.Appearance Arrive on time and alone.Wear comfortable clothing one step up from usual office attire. If jeans are the norm, wear dress slacks. If business casual is the norm, then wear a suit.Make a memorable entrance, make eye contact, shake hands, smile.Greet everyone you meet including the receptionist, security guard, or cleaning staff Say, ” Hello, I’m [name].”Position yourself with the interviewer so that you are not at “odds” or having to sit in an uncomfortable position to talk.Personal characteristics Describe the type of person you are, including personality traits. Be expected to cite examples of when these traits helped or hindered you in previous situations.Describe how your education and experience prepared you for this position.Describe your skills as a member and leader of a team.List situations that characterize your energy, initiative, drive, ambition, and enthusiasm and professional values.Accentuate the positive! Appear interested??project competence, confidence, and energy.Answer questions directly but know when not to or ask for clarification. Say only positive and honest things about your present employer.The work itself Discuss the primary position responsibilities.Ask about new program directions.Prepare to address hypothetical situations that display your problem solving, reasoning, selfconfidence, knowledge, and critical thinking, (Creates opportunity to evaluate you in action and under some stress.)Ask to speak to current employees.Organizational fit Ask intelligent questions that suggest you have prepared for this interview.Be clear about what you believe to be distinctive about this organization and how it meets your expectations for a position, Ask hypothetical questions that allow you to learn how the people with whom you are speaking live out the values of the organization. Articulate your “fit” with the organization’s philosophy, mission, and vision.Professional opportunities Keep in mind key points that summarize your experience and its value to the potential employer,Inquire about opportunities, educational support, and work-life balance.Be clear about what you expect to obtain from any position you consider including advancement opportunities,Secure a time frame for notification of an offer.Follow up Write a thank-you letter. Evaluate your performance: focus on your strengths and weaknesses during the interview and how to manage them in the future. Plagiarism Free Papers
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