Relay for Life Letterhead Template

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Relay for Life is a powerful movement that brings communities together to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Whether you’re organizing a local event, supporting a loved one, or simply want to spread the message, having a well-designed letterhead template can make a difference.

At Relay for Life, we believe that every small effort counts. That’s why we’ve created a customizable letterhead template that you can use for your correspondence. Whether you’re sending thank-you notes, invitations, or updates, our template ensures a professional and consistent look.

relay for life letterhead template

Our letterhead template features the iconic Relay for Life logo, symbolizing hope, unity, and resilience. The soothing blue color represents calmness and determination, while the green ribbon signifies support for cancer survivors and their families.

Feel free to personalize the template with your organization’s name, contact details, and any additional information you’d like to include. Whether you’re a local chapter, a volunteer, or an advocate, this letterhead template will help you convey your message effectively.

Why Choose Our Letterhead Template?

1. **Professional Appearance**: Impress recipients with a polished and cohesive design. Our template ensures that your letters stand out and leave a lasting impression.

2. **Consistency**: Maintain a consistent brand image across all your communications. Whether you’re writing to sponsors, participants, or donors, our template reinforces your commitment to the cause.

3. **Easy Customization**: Simply replace the placeholder text with your own content. Add your logo, adjust fonts, and tweak colors to match your organization’s style.

4. **Print or Digital**: Our template works equally well for printed letters or digital communications. Use it for emails, PDFs, or official documents.

Using the Template

1. **Download**: Click the link below to download the template in your preferred format (Word, PDF, or Google Docs).

2. **Customize**: Open the template and replace the sample text with your organization’s details.

3. **Save**: Save the customized template for future use.

4. **Print or Send**: Print the letterhead for official letters or attach it to your emails.

Remember, every letter you send contributes to the Relay for Life movement. Spread hope, raise awareness, and make a difference!


Q: What file formats are available for the template?

A: You can download the template in Word, PDF, or Google Docs format.

Q: Can I add my organization’s logo to the letterhead?

A: Absolutely! Replace the placeholder logo with your own to personalize the template.

Q: Is this template free to use?

A: Yes, it’s free! We encourage everyone to use it to support Relay for Life.

Q: How can I adjust the font and colors?

A: Simply open the template in your preferred software and modify the font styles and colors as needed.

Q: Can I share this template with others?

A: Yes, feel free to share the template with fellow organizers, volunteers, and supporters.

Remember, Relay for Life is about coming together, making a difference, and celebrating life. Let this letterhead template be a part of your impactful journey!