Read the assigned review on The Black Panther movie and respond to the following questions. Your response to each question should be 5-6 sentences long and provide specific examples to demonstrate your thinking. Response Questions: 1. How did the writer organize and set up their evaluation so it would be clear and easy to follow? Look particularly at the article’s opening paragraphs and how the rest of the article relates to the ideas set up there. 2. How did the writer develop their argument so it would be persuasive? Note any specifics they used and how they used them. 3. How did the writer address their own viewing needs (and/or those of their audience)? How did they set this aspect up to be engaging and persuasive? 4. Did the writer seem unreasonably biased against the movie, or did they use a moderate tone with their language and offer evidence to show why they had that opinion about the movie?

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