M State Practical Nursing Clinical IIVaccination for Infants and Children WorksheetComplete the following -using references provided in pediatric prep information. (5 points )AgeRecommended Childhood VaccinesInclude route of administration(oral, IM or Subcutaneous)And indicate if a combination vaccine is indicated.Special Considerations for Age and VaccineSite of Administration, Angle of Insertion, and Needle and Syringe Size, etc.Within 12 hours of Birth2 months4 months6 months12 months15-18 months2 years5 years11-12 years16 yearsInfants 6 months to 18 years of age
Review the technique, sites, angle of insertion, correct sized syringe and needle, combination vaccines, and recommended vaccines for each age group. Here are a few questions to get you thinking… (points 2.5)A 15 month old child is to be immunized.What immunizations will you consider him/her?List supplies needed for these immunizations.What size syringe will you select for these immunizations? What size needle?What angle of insertion will you use in administering these immunizations?A 6 month old infant is to receive all her recommended vaccines today.What is the name of the combination vaccine used that is given at this visit and what are the 3 components?Which site do you select for her injections?What do you tell the child’s parents before they leave the clinic?A seventh grader requests an MMR boosterWhat questions will you ask to determine if he/she is an appropriate candidate?What will you tell the student (client) before he/she leaves the clinic?
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