For the Integrative Learning Project Assignment, you will research a particular, authentic company/industry or a fabricated company/industry. (No one in this course should write anything regarding their government or organizational relationship that could create doubt about crossing lines that would disclose confidential information of any kind. It would be better to create a fictional situation. It is up to you to use your informed judgment.) The ILP must bewritten in current APA format and must include the following major elements:
 Title Page Table of Contents Abstract Introduction
o It should be no more than ½ page in length.o Reference the APA Publication Manual, 7th edition, section 3.4 for suggested components of an introduction and section 2.27 for formatting.
Organizational Setting
In at least 2 pages:
 Describe the mission of your organization (e.g., what product or service is provided, to what intended markets, and how the product or service is distinct from those offered by competitors)
 Define your customers are (internal and external)
 Identify what value you add to the organization (how you help the organization achieve its mission)
 Highlight the role Christianity currently plays in this organization (if it is a secular organization, what Christian values are built into the organization?).
Clearly state if the company/industry is fabricated.

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