Reading Assignments
· Read the book by Larry Gerston, Chapter 5
· Read the attached PDF by Garry Brewer, The Foundations of Policy Analysis, The Dorsey Press, Chicago, 1983, Chapter 9: Factors Influencing Implementation (see the attached PDF)

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· Read the attached PDF by Thomas Birkland, The Policy Process, M.E.Sharpe, New York, 2005, Chapter 8, Policy Implementation and Failure (see attached PDF)
· Read the attached PDF by Paul Sabatier, The Conditions Of Effective Implementation, pages 382-391, Stillman, Richard, Public Administration Concepts And Cases, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1996. (Skim for concepts as the language is a little challenging). To retrieve this article just click on the title.
Written Assignments
Write 3 pages answering the following questions: What are three reasons why the policy implementation process fails?  How can policy makers promote implementation and also obstruct implementation?
Please include an introduction, the body and conclusion. Also label each question as a title like you have been doing in all my previous assignments.
Also read the grade rubric I attached and make sure everything is covered for maximum points. 
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