For part 1, find a recent scientific article in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journalin which researchers write about a health communication project.* What is the study about?*When was the study published?*What journal published the study (name the journal, not just the repository where youfound it)? [NLM, NCBI, PubMed and Google Scholar are not journals.]* Why was the study conducted?* Who conducted the study (i.e. a university, health department hospital)?* What population was studied?*How many people were studied?*Where was the research conducted?* What are the main results (i.e. number of people affected, number of cases prevented,percent difference)? Please note: if your study does not have results, it probably does notmeet the guidelines above. Make sure your study is NOT a meta-analysis, systematicreview, literature review or study protocol.*Did the intervention work in your opinion, and why do you think this?* What were some strengths and limitations of the study? [In the discussion section at theend of the paper, look for the author’s discussion on pros and cons or obstacles theyfaced.]Part 2.In part 2 you will make a plan to put into place in Capstone County to communicatewith citizens about the H5N1 flu that is occurring in our fictional case.
Review your sources: Refresh your memory by reviewing the article you found forAssignment 1.1. What is the recent, scholarly, peer-reviewed article from Assignment 1 (or a new articleif you decided to switch sources) that is serving as a guide for your project?2. Using your imagination and what you’ve learned from your reading, create your ownplan for a single communication activity you would put into place to address the H5N1pandemic flu in Capstone County.a. Choose one of the following: My communication plan focuses on:i. Communicating with residents before the virus arrives in Capstone.ii. Communicating with residents during an outbreak.b. What is the summary of your plan?c. Considering Capstone County is a semi-rural, post-industrial Ohio county, whatare some health beliefs you expect to encounter in this area that will make yourplan difficult to implement?d. What are some populations in Capstone County that might be difficult to reachbased on information you have in your packet?e. In the health department, which staff members will carry it out?f. In the community, are you partnering with any other organizations? If so,describe their role.g. Where do your events or activities take place?h. What is your timeline, including planning, implementation and evaluation?i. What resources (money, time, materials, staff) do you need to complete thisactivity?j. Using lessons from the article you found, describe why this will work. Plagiarism Free Papers
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