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For this assignment, you will need to read chapter nine (9) in your text. What I am looking for in this assignment is for you describe 10 things that you learned from the chapter (as well as why this is important). You will also need to write a 1-2 paragraph summary over the chapter overall. So, for chapter nine (9) you need your list of 10 items as well as a discussion over why this information matters (for each item) as well as a summary over the chapter overall2. After doing a bit of research, I would like for you to write a list of 10 pros and 10 cons of having dual language in Texas. For each pro and con, please make sure that you explain your rationale. You will need to do research as this is not just an opinion issue. After your list, I want you to write 1-2 paragraphs on where you stand on the issue based on the facts that you found. 3.
 After the watching the above video and doing a bit of outside research, I want you to write 1.5-2 page paper on the importance of voting in America today. Include in this paper, what are your thoughts on voting, what do you think would help entice others to vote, and thinking about the history of voting in America, why do you think all do not get out to vote who are eligible? Remember it was not too long ago that voting was not an option for many in America. Make sure to cite your sources. APA format“96% of our customers have reported a 90% and above score. You might want to place an order with us.”
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