I just want you to answer the questions on the pictures that I will post. The first pic  talks about the prompt, I want to have five argument for each side. Write each argument as a sentence or two, as well as providing evidence to each side.

As for the second pic, just answer the questions as if you were in the (Disagreeing Team), and keep it simple and straight forward. Good luck.


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Analyze and discuss Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

Prompt 1: First, do the following exercise, which is adapted from Ruszkiewicz’s A Reader’s Guide to College Writing. Write a 1-2 paragraph report that summarizes Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by using the following techniques recommended by Ruszkiewicz:

  • Quote from Carr’s article at least twice, being certain to include appropriate signal phrases and verbs of attribution.
  • Include an ellipsis mark in at least one of the quotations to shorten it. In other words, quote a lengthy passage and pare it down carefully to make it more pertinent to readers.
  • Use brackets to add pertinent information to a quotation. You might add a date, an author’s first name, an explanatory phrase, and so on.
  • Introduce ideas from Carr’s article at least twice, acknowledging the borrowing, but not quoting from the material directly. Be sure that readers realize that you are paraphrasing Carr.

Prompt 2: Now that you have read and summarized Carr’s position, respond in 1-2 paragraphs. Use any or all of the following questions as guides to response:

  • What did you think of Carr’s article, in general? 
  • Which of Carr’s points strike you as correct, and why?
  • Which of Carr’s claims do you disagree with, and why?
  • What has been your own experience with the Internet and online reading? Do Carr’s examples resonate with you? 
  • Does Carr make any claims that seem unsupported or untested? If so, how would you test them?
  • What aspects of the subject need further exploration?
  • What does Carr’s article remind you of? Have you encountered any similar texts? Have you had similar conversations with friends or family?

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 Already did Rough Draft 1 attached below with first 5/ Rough draft #2 is with other 5 references making total of 10.  (This is the 10 annotations on separate assignment.

Rough Draft 2: After reviewing comments from your instructor and peers, you should write the second rough draft to the full length of the paper. You should focus on finalizing your structure, evaluating balance between the emergent points of the controversy, and creating strong transitions between your major points. In addition, you need to create a title page, reference page, and correctly formatted running head and page numbers.

Length expectations: Full length of the paper (5-7 pages, excluding title page and references)

  • LegalizeMarijuana.doc

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page to answer

This week, Tara and I would like to focus on how we communicate international. With the fast growth of technology, it has become more common for companies to grow internationally. Because of this, it is important for companies to understand the cultures they are entering. When entering a new market, we believe It is important to understand the culture and background of each individual country. 

As Tara suggested this idea first, I was very into it because this week, some of the team members in internal audit at my company went to France and they kept in touch with the rest of the team through IMs. While they were doing random testing of invoices they stumbled upon a Japanese invoice, which they sent over for me to translate. While this isn’t such a high-level example of cross-cultural communication, it shows that learning different languages is a key component of cross cultural communication, sometimes necessary, when entering a new country as a business. It allows for easier communication and also a respect for the other’s way of speaking. 

Key Question: What are some key components you believe are necessary to implement when entering a new country with your business? 


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