· Communication in education (below are topics) ( Two pages)

o Why teacher communicate with parents

o What is purpose of communication between teacher and parents 

§ Add article from Add ASED about communication in education ( one page) 

· Email as a method of communication in education ( Three pages) 

o How email improve relationship between teachers and parents in education

o Time is a factor. 

§ How email save time for teachers?

· Add

o  look to the teacher’s standers. Look to what appropriate and using technology in the class room and with communication. (one page) 


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see the topic readings and videos to describe technology trends in various secondary school settings.  You may also access the GCU Library for additional support of your content.

Describe how you think these trends will influence the future of American education and defend your rationale.  Consider: 

  1. An older and more diverse U.S. population.
  2. Increased choice and privatization of education.
  3. Changing role of government and the effect of policies on education.
  4. High school reform.
  5. Increased reliance of technology in the classroom.
  6. Increased globalization. 

The content can be presented in a PowerPoint (12-15 slides), Prezi, Emaze, or other (as approved by your instructor). Include presenter’s notes, a title slide, reference slide, and in-text citations within your presentation.

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.  An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric.  Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

  • topic5rubric.xlsx

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There are three parts to the summative assignment. For each part the student is to complete an essay of approximately 500 words that will include at least two (2) additional documented references to academic research material (e.g. a book or academic article) in addition to the course textbook that is used for the completion the assignment.

The New Testament is a theological whole and not a group of disjointed stories from various writers.  The crimson thread of redemption runs through the entire Bible, but the New Testament is where it is completed.  There are three parts to the summative assignment, however think of these three as a whole as you write.  How do they tie together theologically and contextually? This whole will be summarized in your conclusion section where you will tie together your arguments from your three sections that you are presenting in your paper.  

  1. A distinguishing feature of the book of Hebrews is the author’s use of the phrase ‘better than’ in order to emphasize the superiority of Christ and the new covenant to what had come before in the old covenant. In approximately 500 words (and with proper documentation) address the following matters:
    • Discuss the ways Hebrews emphasizes the superiority of Christ.
    • Discuss what this emphasis tell us about the progressive nature of God’s revelation.
    • Discuss why the writings of the old covenant continue to be of importance to Christians even though we now live in the new covenant.
  2. Much of 1 Peter concerns the threat of persecution facing believers. In approximately 500 words (and with proper documentation) address the following matters:
    • Discuss the advice Peter gives to Christians who experience persecution.
    • Discuss how the circumstances of persecution described in 1 Peter relates to the episodes of persecution described in the book of Acts.
    • Discuss what Christians can learn from the teaching of the New Testament on suffering and persecution even during those times when they are not facing persecution.
  3. The book of Revelation is one of the important prophetic sections of the New Testament.  In approximately 500 words (and with proper documentation) address the following matters:
    • Discuss the purpose of this teaching that directs our attention to future events.
    • Discuss how we should best interpret the eschatological teaching of the New Testament
    • Discuss how you would advise two Christian friends – one who is obsessed with end times scenarios and intricate ways in which to ‘decipher’ biblical texts that look to the future, and another who wants nothing to do with books like Revelation since they can be so confusing.

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Students who are admitted to Concordia University-Portland College of Education join a community of scholars and practitioners in an institution whose mission is to prepare leaders for the transformation of society. As a Master of Education program applicant, you are invited to demonstrate your knowledge and academic writing ability as well as share your goals for furthering your professional growth through statements of intent. Further, the statements are used as a tool to share your interest in admission to the university, but may also be referenced again in future courses as evidence of growth and development. These statements are an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the university as well as demonstrate how you think critically.  

Instructions Please respond to the following prompts individually. Number each response. 

1. Briefly introduce yourself to the Graduate Admissions Office and College of Education teams by discussing your professional background and your interest in pursuing a graduate degree at Concordia. (75-100 words) 

2. Describe your professional goals and their alignment with your chosen program and to Concordia’s overall mission.  Illustrate how your strengths and experiences have prepared you for success in the program. (200-250 words) 

3. Discuss an immediate, real-world challenge affecting P-12 educational settings. Provide an example. What action should educators take to address this challenge? (200-250 words) 

Attach your completed Statement of Intent here:


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