This assignment builds on material you should be familiar with from your prerequisite English course. Your assignment is to prepare an annotated bibliography using APA style on one of the following topics or another topic of interest to you from a business perspective:
Service qualityProduct developmentOpen-market operationsInformation systemsManufacturing technologyAssessment centersTransfer pricing
Pick a topic that interests you and develop a good annotated bibliography following the instructions below. You will use the resources you find for this assignment in the Literature Review assignment in Module 2 and the Research Methodology assignment in Module 8. As you look for references in this assignment, keep in mind that the Literature Review and Research Methodology assignments will involve formulating a research question and designing a methodology to answer that question, so be thinking of interesting questions related to the topic you select—questions that you might want to explore further. From the text A Pocket Style Manual, APA Version, read the following: 
Chapter 6 § 6a: Maintaining a working bibliography, for compiling list of sources at the end of your paperChapter 12 § 12e: Annotated bibliography (economics), to understand the reference list entry by summarizing the sourceChapter 5: Evaluating sources, for specific tips on evaluating sources
Note that you will probably need to refer to Chapter 14 of A Pocket Style Manual, APA Version, for formatting of different types of references. It is important that you pay close attention to formatting requirements.The assignment has two parts: 1) The list of sources, and  2) The annotation for each source. In the assignment you submit, the annotation for each source should immediately follow the listing of the source as shown in Chapter 12e of A Pocket Style Manual, APA Version.The list of sources must contain the following:
The subject of your research, which you must state at the top of the page.Ten sources of information about your subject, including:
At least one bookAt least four articles from the Hunt Library databasesAt least two scholarly articles
Special note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for scholarly work.  Do not use Wikipedia as a source for this or any academic assignment. All sources must be correctly documented in APA style, and the entire references list must be correctly formatted in APA style.The annotation for each source has two parts:
A short summary (1-3 sentences) of the information found in the sourceAn evaluation of the source’s credibility, reliability, currency, possible bias, and usefulness with respect to your topic.  Review the following documents on:
Annotation Example Annotated Bibliography Rubric
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